Invest in yourself and your relationships

In a recent episode of the Tim Ferriss Show, author and Venture Capitalist Jason Portnoy said the investment with the biggest ROI he’d ever made had been the money he’d paid to his #lifecoach.

I recommend the conversation to anyone because Tim’s questions were fearless and though-provoking. And Jason responded with an impressive, hard-earned wisdom, exquisite sensitivity, and total vulnerability.

To you out there who want to change the way you live and relate to the people you share your life with, I hope you listen too. You’ll hear Jason expose the positive impact that my profession, #lifecoaching and #relationshipcoaching, had on him. His life coach helped him save his life and his marriage. 

Maybe I can help you? 

I want to thank both Tim Ferriss and Jason Portnoy for bringing coaching into the general conversation, and can’t wait to read Jason’s book, Silicon Valley Porn Star: A Memoir of Redemption and Rediscovering the Self.

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