Photo: Paloma Portillo–Madrid-Paris-El Hierro

Carolina Perez Sanz is a communications consultant and coach at Templar Advisors. She helps clients mostly from the financial world in LATAM and the US, in Spanish, Portuguese and English, and leads the Female Talent practice in the US.

In May 2017, she was the first recipient of the Logos Institute Rising Leader Award for her contribution to the research and work in the field of women’s leadership.

Born in Lisbon(Portugal), raised in Madrid (Spain) and educated in the Lycee Francais system, she came to New York in October 2014 seeking to broaden her expertise in business communication.

Although she already held a Ph.D. in Linguistics, she went back to school and obtained a Master of Science in Public Relations & Corporate Communication from New York University. It was that experience that triggered her interest in female leadership and made her embark on its study. Did you know that in PR, 73% of the lower-rung workers are women but 95% of the top leaders are men?

Carolina has been a speech, voice and communication coach for more than 15 years. In Spain, she coached TV prime-time presenters, call-center reps, politicians, interpreters, actors, singers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, bankers, teachers, CEOs, salespersons, and spokespersons.

In 2013, she started to write for the Huffington Post about what people perceive when they listen to political leaders speak. And since her approach was so innovative, she was interviewed for TV and radio shows, newspapers and magazines.

Since 2017 she’s also a contributing writer for Thrive Global.

She’s an adventurous cook and baker, an alto singer and a runner.

Contact Carolina for speaking or writing. If you want to know more about her training and coaching programs, contact her on: cps at templaradvisors dot com.