About me

I am a co-active coach (certified? Yes, if that’s what you’re asking). My job is to train you and your brain so you create the life you want. And I’ll help you discover what you want and what you don’t.

I’ll shed light on places you haven’t dared exploring yet.

Co-active coaching is about the co-creation of possibilities. I won’t give you advice — I may tell you what I think, if you ask me. But only YOU are the expert in YOUR life.

I’ll tell you what I see, and ask you what you see.

My clients are leaders. People who are responsible for their world and always strive to do their best work.

Hyper-rationals who’ve seen life through their brilliant, analytical mind and one day realize there may be more to life – maybe a heart, too?

Hyper-achievers who’ve gotten everything they set out to get and one day find out they’re not as happy as they thought they’d be when they achieved that last goal. Because there’s always one more goal.

Executives intelligent and dedicated who spend too much time perfecting things and too little time in things that matter – because these things hurt.

What about YOU?

I want to hear from you. Book your discovery interview here.