ChiRunning: from control to focus

Are you a control freak? I believed I was no longer one. But a few Saturdays ago, while practicing ChiRunning, I discovered a “controller” pulling the strings in my brain: operating in incognito mode, it’d been guiding me. My ballet instructor, Mademoiselle Alice, tapped her long cane on the floor like a TV-show cliché–un, deux, […]

My Restless Saboteur

You know these people who always need to be doing something? That was me. I saw myself as active, energetic, multidisciplinary, multi-faceted. And smart! Far from that. This assessment showed me that my restlessness was a self-sabotaging habit, a Saboteur, as we, Positive Intelligence (PQ) Coaches, call these automatic thought patterns. My Restless Saboteur, Speedy, […]

Mind lessons from slow running

When I learned about Zone 2 training I thought it was something only professional ultra-marathoners needed to do. Running while keeping my heart rate low? Impossible, I thought. But its touted benefits–endurance, fewer injuries, weight loss–made me want to try it. And truth be told, I’m a hyper-achiever: if others could do it, I needed […]

The only advice you need: DON’T LISTEN TO ADVICE

I have a PhD, two masters, a bachelor’s, and a couple of certificates. I speak four languages, wrote two novels, ran my first half-marathon at 50, and left my home country at 44 to start a new life in the US. Impressed? Please, don’t be – be compassionate. All those things – accomplishments? – are […]

Stuck between choices? Seek resonance

Sometimes we make choices that deplete us and leave us feeling nothing but resignation and disgust. Other times, what we choose aligns perfectly with our values and vision, and we feel elated, fulfilled. That’s the difference between dissonance and resonance. Do you face a tough choice? Speaking with a professional coach can help you become […]

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