Invest in yourself and your relationships

In a recent episode of the Tim Ferriss Show, author and Venture Capitalist Jason Portnoy said the investment with the biggest ROI he’d ever made had been the money he’d paid to his #lifecoach. I recommend the conversation to anyone because Tim’s questions were fearless and though-provoking. And Jason responded with an impressive, hard-earned wisdom, exquisite sensitivity, and […]


“If this gave you exactly what you were looking for, what would that be?” This is the question I ask at the beginning of every coaching conversation. The answer I get most often is, “Clarity.” My clients don’t come to coaching expecting answers—they know I won’t give them any. They come hoping to be asked […]

The Habit Of Being Unhappy

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional, the saying goes. When I touch fire, I inevitably feel pain. Pain gives me information key to my survival. In that moment, it’s telling me, “this isn’t good for you,” and so, I remove my hand. But when the pain is emotional, why do we so often keep the […]

ChiRunning: from control to focus

Are you a control freak? I believed I was no longer one. But a few Saturdays ago, while practicing ChiRunning, I discovered a “controller” pulling the strings in my brain: operating in incognito mode, it’d been guiding me. My ballet instructor, Mademoiselle Alice, tapped her long cane on the floor like a TV-show cliché–un, deux, […]

My Restless Saboteur

You know these people who always need to be doing something? That was me. I saw myself as active, energetic, multidisciplinary, multi-faceted. And smart! Far from that. This assessment showed me that my restlessness was a self-sabotaging habit, a Saboteur, as we, Positive Intelligence (PQ) Coaches, call these automatic thought patterns. My Restless Saboteur, Speedy, […]

Mind lessons from slow running

When I learned about Zone 2 training I thought it was something only professional ultra-marathoners needed to do. Running while keeping my heart rate low? Impossible, I thought. But its touted benefits–endurance, fewer injuries, weight loss–made me want to try it. And truth be told, I’m a hyper-achiever: if others could do it, I needed […]

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